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Margaritaville Hotel - Nashville

An urban retreat for serious music fanatics or seekers of adventure. Revved up for rocking or chilled down for relaxing, either way, you want to play, we get it. Margaritaville Hotel Nashville offers an experience where guests can revel in the heart of Nashville and indulge in the spirit of Margaritaville.


Margaritaville Restaurant - Nashville

Come "Conky-Tonkin" at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville! In the heart of downtown Nashville on Honky Tonk Row. Margaritaville has everything you need to have a good time: great authentic southern food, the best bars on Broadway and the caliber of music that's expected in Nashville. From a stairway with real piano keys for steps to the Chill Bar's license plate walls, Margaritaville has a boat load of character and atmosphere.


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