13 Black Cats That Will Make You Forget Your Superstition

Aug 17, 2016

13 Black Cats That Will Make You Forget Your Superstition What's cuddly, fluffy and black all over? A black cat, which, thanks to a pretty unfair bad luck rap, has a lower rate of getting adopted than, say, a Calico. Which is why the ASPCA is celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day by waiving adoption fees for all adult black cats. (Bonus: Adopters will get a nifty cat carrying case.) And, as long as we're busting superstitions, here are 13 adorable cat photos to help inspire your next pet adoption. Just don't break any mirrors shrieking with delight.   These literature loving little guys... cats2   Just making sure you brush your teeth... cats14   Not feeling well? Healing paws comin' your way! cats12   Ready for a cat nap? So are they... cats6   Check out this little snow bunny kitten... cats_snow   This cat -- whose curiosity didn't kill him, it made him cuter! cats10   Downward dog? Please...this guy practically invented yoga. cats9   Black cats are always there for you in your biggest life moments... cats5   And if you're in trouble, its Bat Cat to the rescue! cats7   Can't forget about this goofball... cats11   JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! cat1   Find your purr-fect new pet by searching below... Powered by RescueGroups.org

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