Let's Make: A Watermelon Airplane Fruit Bowl

Aug 19, 2016

Lets Make: A Watermelon Airplane Fruit Bowl

What to buy: 1 watermelon in the most oval-shape you can find 10 long toothpicks Pro tip: We found that 10 shortened skewers, cut in 1/3 pieces worked better for holding the wings. 6 cups of assorted cut fruit, including kiwi for the wheels What to expect: Difficulty rating: PinappleScale_2.5 Even as amateur watermelon cutters, we found this treat to be pretty easy to carve up. Total Prep Time: 45 mins (30 mins for all you overachievers) Step 1: Use a sharp tool or marker to outline front and back windows for your fruit passengers. (Keep and set aside the rind.) Pro tip: Cutting a thin slice off the bottom of the watermelon will keep it level. Watermelon_sidebyside_1 Step 2: Scoop out the rest of the watermelon and set aside for filling your awesome airplane bowl. melon_2 Step 3: Using the leftover rind from the (larger) back windows section, cut out wings. Secure to the sides with the pointed ends of the toothpicks or shortened skewers.  Using one of the the smaller front window pieces, cut a propeller. (See below). wing_propTK 2 PHOTOS You can't get off the ground without your wheels! Stick those kiwi tires to the bottom of your bowl. Step 4: Fill your airplane with your beautiful sliced fruit. Pro tip: If you're not a huge fruit fan, you can also fill your bowl with your fa Airplane-Watermelon-GIF-(1) Looks like you're ready for (a delicious) takeoff!

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