Jim Mayer was born in Ambur, India. The son of a Lutheran minister, he was the youngest of eight children. Jim's earliest musical memories are of getting the Parlophone 45s from England. Before the age of five, Jim was well acquainted with "Please Please Me" and Cliff Richards' "Summer Holiday." Elliot Scheiner was asked to produce Jimmy's album Off to See the Lizard. Elliot had worked with Steely Dan and Aretha Franklin, among others, as well as with PM, the band that included Jim, his brother Peter, and Roger Guth. When Scheiner heard that Jimmy was looking for some new musicians for the album, he suggested that Jimmy use PM. Jim still remembers Jimmy Buffett walking into the studio saying, "So this is my new band!" Jim recalls, "We didn't know who the heck this guy was. We knew Margaritaville and that's it! We figured it would be a single project and maybe a gig or two. Ten years later, here we are, full-fledged Coralator Reefermegators." Jim still remembers the very first Buffett concert he played in San Diego. He could almost NOT play because he was laughing so hard at the antics of the audience, which included a giant conga line wearing enough grass skirts to cover the set of South Pacific! "God is good, life is good, and we have each other. That is my motto. Playing with Buffett and the interaction with the fans is an incredible experience. I am extremely blessed and grateful for all the gifts God has granted me ." Official Website