Let's Make: Tennis Ball Oreo Pops

Sep 07, 2016

Lets Make: Tennis Ball Oreo Pops

Get caught up in tennis season madness with these pops. Hey, they might even inspire you to perfect your backhand! Here's everything you need to make 'em. Ingredients White chocolate candy melts 1 package double-stuffed Oreos Decorative vanilla icing Green food coloring Lollipop sticks Make It Melt white chocolate on stove-top or microwave. Squeeze a few drops of green food coloring into chocolate and mix. Open each Oreo (carefully!) and place a drop or two of white chocolate between the cookies. Place lollipop stick between, press down, and put Oreos in the fridge to cool and harden (15-20 mins). Once sticks are solidly set, dip Oreos one by one into white chocolate until fully coated. This make take a few rounds! Once coated, let each Oreo individually cool in the fridge until hardened. Take white frosting and draw two semi-circles on the outside of each pop. Eat!

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