Let's Make: Tequila-soaked watermelon bites

Jul 20, 2016

Lets Make: Tequila-soaked watermelon bites

Remember that feeling as a kid, when your mom brought you a slice of refreshing watermelon while you were playing in the hot sun? This is EXACTLY like that...but with tequila. These edible margaritas are a slice of summer heaven! Don't believe us? Try them yourself: https://youtu.be/zofTIuttg8Q Make it: Mix the sugar and water until dissolved, then add tequila and triple sec. Arrange watermelon in a single layer, pour syrup evenly over the wedges, and refrigerate for 12-24 hours. Once chilled, squeeze limes over melon and season with salt. Pro tip: pierce them with a popsicle stick at the rind for easier carrying and eating! Enjoy!

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