Tailgate Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Oct 02, 2016

Tailgate Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We all know that the most important part of game day is not necessarily the game itself. Tailgating is almost – if not more — fun than any other part of the day. You've got the perfect parking spot, the brats are cookin', the beers are flowing ... it's glorious. Want to up your game even more? Try one of these hacks, which are bound to take your parking lot party to the next level.

Keep it clean:

Try using a flag spike for paper towel roll-away prevention and easy tearing! If there's no grass in site, a plastic hanger works just as well. PaperTowels_2 Trashcan out of a collapsible laundry  hamper — this can also double as a bag to pack up your tailgate items when you're done. So simple! trashcans_2  

Pack those muffin tins:

Perfect for serving condiments or ... wine! cupcake_1

Make edible alcohol:

These watermelon slices are super portable, delicious and they're soaked with tequila. Get the recipe here. watermelon_hack

Find a use for cupcake liners:

Keep your snack (or tequila soaked watermelon) from dripping while also keeping bugs out of your drink! cupcakesleeves_2

Make ice tray drink mixers:

Condense your wine and drink mixers by freezing them in ice cube trays. Your bevs will stay chilled and easy-to-serve without getting watered down. icecubes Have you tried any tailgate hacks that we didn't consider? We want to hear your best tricks!

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