How To Throw The Best Halloween Bash Ever — The Extras

Oct 22, 2016

How To Throw The Best Halloween Bash Ever — The Extras

Now that you have the drinks, the food and the tunes to throw The Best Halloween Bash Ever, it's time for the finishing touches. You don't need fun invitations, DIY decor or games galore to throw a rockin' party ... but you know you want them. Read on for tips on how to take your Halloween bash from "the best" to "the best ever."

The Invitations

shutterstock_148015001 Ask anyone: A good party starts with a good invite. Entice your guests to attend your Halloween bash with crafty and creative invites that won’t break the bank. We’re loving these 5 invitation options that will get your RSVP’s flowing in no time: Paperless Post While this may seem like an obvious option, Paperless Post is an easy and chic go-to with tons of stylish and (ghoulish) options. Boo your guests with cute designs and they won’t boo your party planning! Canva With hundreds of free layouts to choose from, designing a custom invitation card online with Canva is ridiculously easy. You can do it anytime of day: choose your design, fill in the gorey details...and hit send! DIY Gravestone Invites If you're feeling' old school (we're talking scissors, construction paper and stamps) try making gravestone-shaped invites with the individual’s name on the stone accompanied by the party info. Next, pop them in the ... ah-hem ... mail. Mailboxes still exist. We think. Pageborders We’re loving Pageborders because they offer haunting Halloween borders and let you fill in the rest. You can do it all online, or print out the bordered card and fill in the rest yourself. If you want to go the extra mile, we recommend investing in some orange and black calligraphy pens and getting personal.

The DIY Halloween Decor

shutterstock_473303818 To really impress guests this Halloween, you need to go above and beyond the regular cut-out bats, home-carved jack-o-lanterns, and cheesy banners. We understand that between the costumes, the food, the drinks, AND the decor ... what’s spooking you out the most about Halloween is the mounting prices! But don’t get your cobwebs in a twist: This Halloween, we’re helping you get creative on the cheap with these 6 hauntingly fun DIY Halloween decor ideas: Drape Your Haunted Den Cover all your furniture in draped, white sheets and use cheesecloths to creating webbing throughout your house i.e. over mirrors, windows, wall hangings, chandeliers ... you get the point! Have fun with it. This will instantly create a creepy Addams Family look. Plus it will cost you virtually nothing. Win-win! Mummy Mason Jars The mason jar craze is about to seep into your Halloween planning. Take your household mason jars and turn them into googly eyed, bandaged mummies! Cover the glass with gauze from the pharmacy or your First Aid Kit. Put candles inside (or little electric ones so you can avoid a real fiery scare on Halloween) and glue on google eyes. Boo-m. Floating Head Ghosts We’re loving these DIY head ghosts that you can use to decorate both the outside and inside of your house. Buy some cheap mannequin heads at your local discount store and cover them in cheesecloth for a simple yet creepy decoration. Want to really freak people out? Hang them outside on the front porch or put them in unexpected corners of your house. Glow Stick Broomsticks Who says Halloween isn’t for adults? These glow sticks broomsticks prove that we can rave all night long. You’ll need twine, scissors, construction paper and double-sided tape. Take your twine and attach to the end of the glowstick and give everyone a glow broomstick when they walk in the door. Even better, save them for your monster mania dance-off later in the night. Spider/Insect Ice Cubes We’re all about surprises this Halloween, which is why we are crawling with excitement over these inexpensive plastic spiders and insects. Freeze them into your ice trays and plop them into your devilish cocktails. Just beware of a choking hazard! The last thing you want is a REAL horror story on Halloween. Bloody Candles Pierce ordinary candles with black carpet tacks and drip red wax down the sides for tortured candles that take only five minutes to make. Scatter them throughout the party for a vicious, vixen-y look.

The Games

shutterstock_98701157 When we think of Halloween, we think of kids’ games and trick or treating. But we’re declaring Halloween should be fun for adults too! These fun and easy party games will bring guests together and keep everyone animated all night long. Who Am I? Give this traditional name game a fun, Halloween-y twist by compiling a list of easily recognizable terms that relate to Halloween. We suggest making a lot in advance so that each one of your guests has one. Write each one on a name sticker before your guests arrive. Once the party is in full swing (or if you need an ice breaker) have the guests get in a row, facing the same direction and go down the line placing a sticker with a Halloween term written on it on the back of each guest. Then let them start questioning each other one by one until they discover their true identity! Halloween Horror Trivia Prep your Halloween drinks table with a stack of cards with horror movie trivia questions on them. Next, ask guests to take turns picking a card and answering the question on the card. If they answer correctly, they get to choose a beverage of their choice. If their answer is wrong … well you get to choose the punishment!

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