Must-Visit spots near Margaritaville San Antonio

Jul 19, 2016

Must-Visit spots near Margaritaville San Antonio

A major city in south-central texas, San Antonio is known for its rich culture, delicious food, and the always beautiful River Walk. This city is perfectly off the beaten path and chock-full of great spots to explore. Even more, San Antonio is soon to be home to a brand-new Margaritaville Restaurant, bringing a little island charm to the big city! Grab some volcano nachos and a cheeseburger and then head to our favorite spots in SA --

Bocce Ball at The Luxury

Who doesn’t love a little backyard competition to go along with their drinks? Games and beers go hand in hand at this fun bar.  8597880879_d4e02e1091_z

Cocktails at Paramour

The view is simply unbeatable. Views. Cocktails. Snacks. This is a serious spot!

San Antonio Zoo & Aquarium

Kids or no kids, this is not to be missed. There is a baby tree kangaroo there! 16317955703_713b48b084_z

McNay Art Museum

Looking for something a little different? Get lost in some crazy cool modern art. 

River Walk

Where Margaritaville San Antonio can be found! The entire walk is lined with shops and cafes, so take a post-dinner stroll to digest those margaritas! 2409905342_938157a083_z

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