Swine Not? 2008

Swine Not?


Come along as master storyteller Jimmy Buffett presents a gumbo of captivating characters and outrageous events in this wonderfully entertaining pig tale—proving once again that stretching the truth is a lot of fun, and laughing is the best vacation of all.

It was serendipitous when longtime friend Helen Bransford showed Jimmy a short manuscript and photo-illustrations based on her pet pig, Forkie. For years Helen’s friends had been entertained by her funny stories about her adventures in New York City, hiding the family pig in an upscale hotel. Now Bransford, an author and artist, presents readers with an unforgettable pig accompanied by a tale that only Jimmy Buffett could invent.

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A Salty Piece Of Land 2004

A Salty Piece Of Land


It's not on any chart, but the tropical island of Cayo Loco is the perfect place to run away from all your problems. If you're looking for a license to chill, come along as cowboy Tully Mars takes his pony to the shore - on an unforgettable Caribbean adventure as colorful and wonderfully bizarre as cocktail hour at your favorite expatriate bar.

From a lovely sunset sail in Punta Margarita to a wild spring-break foam party in San Pedro, Tully encounters an assortment of treasure hunters, rock stars, sailors, seaplane pilots, pirates, and even a ghost or two.

Waking from a ganja buzz on the beach in Tulum, Tully can't believe his eyes when a 142-foot schooner emerges out of the ocean mist. At its helm is Cleopatra Highbourne, the eccentric 101-year-old sea captain who will take him to a lighthouse on a salty piece of land that will change his life forever.

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A Pirate Looks At Fifty 1998

A Pirate Looks At Fifty


A travelogue from a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate his 50th, Jimmy's nonfiction best-seller intersperses memories and observations from his life thus far.

"Reading A Pirate Looks at Fifty is like sitting with Buffett at a beachside bar, listening to him spin tales...discourse on life and share nifty bits of geography and history" (Time).

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Where is Joe Merchant? 1992

Where is Joe Merchant?


Five years ago, the rock star committed suicide, yet he keeps popping back into the tabloid headlines like a piece of toast. Could he actually be alive? That's what his sister, hemorrhoid-ointment heiress Trevor Kane, wants to know. Journalist Rudy Breno cares only that Merchant gets bigger headlines than Elvis. And for renegade seaplane pilot Frank Bama, the mystery is turning his life upside down.

An irresistible gumbo of dreamers, wackos, pirates and sharks has been cooked up, as Trevor and Frank are lead on a wild chase through the Caribbean to a place where anything can happen...and everything does.

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Trouble Dolls 1991

Trouble Dolls


Lizzy Rhinehart's father is a famous environmentalist; now his seaplane has crashed, and he is lost in the Florida Everglades. Local sheriffs and Marine Patrol Officers have no leads, and a terrible storm is on its way. It is up to Lizzy to rescue him, and, with the help of four magic trouble dolls, she and her dog, Spooner, set off on a dangerous mission to save his life.

Guatemalan trouble dolls, or worry dolls, have long been used by people of all ages. Legend has it that if you tell these tiny dolls your problems and then put them under your pillow, they will solve those problems while you sleep. A favorite of children in Guatemala, these dolls are becoming popular throughout the United States.

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Tales From Margaritaville 1989

Tales From Margaritaville


"Margaritaville is a place where curiosity, passion, and humor cleverly intertwine, and though it may not appear on any map, it does exist – at least in the brilliantly creative, slightly skewed imagination of Jimmy Buffett. Echoing the Margaritaville spirit, this collection of short stories (some purely fiction, some based in truth) is so vividly packed with restless dreamers, wild wanderers, and pure gypsy souls that just reading it is an adventure. Travel along with a cowboy named Tully Mars, as he heads from Heartache, Wyoming, to Graceland, and relive the autobiographical odyssey of a third-generation sailor and first-rate musical outlaw. With unforgettable tales that present the true roamer's twin loves – the sea and the road – Tales from Margaritaville is one “smooth sailing book of infinite imagination” (Chicago Sun-Times).

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The Jolly Mon 1988

The Jolly Mon


On a remote Caribbean island called Bananaland, there lived a man named the Jolly Mon. His beautiful voice and enchanged guitar could lure fish from the ocean and spread happiness, but it couldn't save him from treacherous pirates. For that, he found the loyalty and friendship of a very special dolphin.

This magical story is based on oceanic folklore and Jimmy's experiences while sailing with his daughter, Savannah Jane. The accompanying CD includes a reading of the book by Jimmy and Savannah Jane and an original musical score. Here is a timeless story of adventure and an enchanting musical CD that readers of all ages will treasure.

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