• Mac's HearSay Buffett Series

    6/15: 7pm-8:30pm ET
    Mac McAnally & Eric Darken-Amagansett, NY-Stephen Talkhouse

    7/2: 5pm-7pm ET
    Mac McAnally & Scotty Emerick-Portsmouth, RI

    8/31: 9pm-10:30pm ET
    Mac McAnally & Eric Darken-Pelham, TN-The Caverns

    9/14: 7pm-8:30pm ET
    Mac McAnally & Eric Darken-Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head South Carolina

  • Ryan & Patrick

    Friday 7pm-Midnight ET

    Patrick and Ryan bring a relaxed vibe to Friday night as they help you unwind from the week and dive into the weekend in a way that only Radio Margaritaville can.

  • Buffett Buffet

    Every Day of the week @ 11am ET, 3pm ET and 7pm ET

    All of your favorite Jimmy Buffett tunes from the beginning to the present. You never know what you'll hear, from the live albums to rare tracks to old gems. The Buffett Buffet is guaranteed to satisfy.

  • Fruitcakes on the Radio

    Fruitcakes on the Radio lets YOU be the DJ! This is your chance to show your love for Buffett's music and the tropical lifestyle, and dazzle your friends while you do it!

    Email us at [email protected] to enter to be a guest host and include your name, city, state and your 4 favorite Jimmy Buffett songs.

  • Concert Replays

    Monday: 6am-8am
    Tuesday: 8pm-10pm
    Wednesday: Noon-2pm
    Thursday: 8pm-10pm
    Friday: 4pm-6pm
    Saturday: 8am-10am
    Sunday 8pm-10pm

    (All times are ET and length is approximate)

    We have an archive of previously recorded concerts that we're more than happy to play again! Relive the excitement of past tours with our concert replays!

    • Kirsten

      VP Programming/HOST

      Raised in the picturesque town of Safety Harbor, Florida, Kirsten grew up in what could be the setting for Margaritaville with a lifelong passion for music, travel, sunshine and water. The irony is that Kirsten works so hard that she barely has time for Margaritas – along with hosting on Radio Margaritaville she is the VP or Programming as well as one of the (non-singing) voices of the Margaritaville Brand where her friendly voice can be heard on various Margaritaville products and resort locations!

      Email Kirsten

    • JD Spradlin


      Like many Parrotheads, JD's first Jimmy Buffett concert changed the course of his life. That night, Nov. 20, 1983 in JD's home town of Tallahassee, may be a slightly blurred memory, but he still has the tequila bottle that was consumed as a reminder. JD knew then that he wanted to entertain.

      After working with kids and DJing in his hometown, JD moved to Orlando to continue his career. His talents soon reached every major Orlando theme park as a DJ, MC, and Host. In 2007, JD landed the perfect gig as host for SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville. When not broadcasting Live from the Orlando SiriusXM Parrot Perch, you will find him taking his show on the road in support of Margaritaville venues and Parrothead Clubs from Key West to California.

      Email JD

    • Sara West


      Sara is a Tallahassee Lassie and coincidentally went to the same high school as Radio Margaritaville DJ JD Spradlin. She moved to colder climes, but still prefers flip flops and the smell of sunscreen any day of the year. She hosted an Aspen Jimmy Buffett (as Freddie and the Fishsticks) concert and got back on the beach!

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    • Patrick McDonald

      Patrick McDonald


      Patrick McDonald is host, writer and actor originally from Mansfield, Texas, and a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, MA. Along with Ryan Middledorf, Patrick co-hosts the License to Chill Podcast, and has been a Friday night host on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville since 2021. A longtime comedian and improviser, Patrick has been performing comedy at hte UCB Theater in LA since 2014. In 2022, Patrick was the Creative Director of SMOSH, a legacy YouTube Channel with 25 million subscribers. Acting credits: Justice League: The Snyder Cut, Army of the Dead, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Patrick is the creator of “The Coronda Chronicles,” a popular mid-quarantine Instagram sitcom following the adventures of Patrick and a mannequin he was quarantining with, which was profiled in “Arts + Leisure.” His favorite vacation of all-time was a trip to the Canary Islands where him and his friends got pickpocketed on the beach but still ended up spinning it into the trip of a lifetime.

      Email Patrick

    • Ryan Middledorf

      Ryan Middledorf


      Ryan Middledorf is a Virginia-born and Los Angeles-based comedian, podcaster and producer who was seven years old before he knew that anyone other than Jimmy Buffett made music (what a shock). In true Parakeet fashion, his first concert was a Buffett show and he hasn't looked back since. When he's not listening to Nautical Wheelers on repeat, he's learning how to make tiki drinks that some have described as "a little too tart" and "not half bad, better luck next time". He currently co-hosts the License to Chill Podcast with his Radio Margaritaville co-host, Patrick McDonald and has two sweet dogs (Bagels and Bodie) that interrupt almost every recording. Gotta' love 'em!

      Email Ryan

    • Krystal King


      Krystal King is your next store redneck born and raised in North Carolina! She moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career as a country singer-songwriter along with her drummer husband (who she met in high school band camp) and her labradoodle fur baby "Bo Berry Biscuit." Krystal’s love for radio started in college where she was a DJ and Underwriting director for Appalachian State University's station 90.5 WASU. A position which led her to further internship opportunities with Cumulus Radio Nashville and Performance Racing Network. While touring as a musician in Florida 2 years ago, Krystal discovered the Parrothead community and fell in love with the Party with a Purpose lifestyle. Her love for music, touring at the beach, and radio suddenly collided leading her to us here at Radio Margaritaville. Find out more about Krystal at KrystalKingMusic.com

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