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The Margaritaville Podcast is your weekly 30-minute escape.

Join longtime friends and tropical lifestyle enthusiasts, Ryan Middledorf and Patrick McDonald as they bring you engaging conversations from eclectic personalities and explore ways to live the Margaritaville lifestyle each and every day.

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Photo of Ryan Middledorf

Ryan Middledorf is an Emmy-nominated podcast producer, host, and comedian. He is the co-host of "Friday Nights with Patrick and Ryan" on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville. Ryan has worked on and developed countless projects, including The Good Place: The Podcast, Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast, The Vault by Access Hollywood, The Challengers with Amy Brenneman, and more. In 2012, he founded the indie audio-production company and network Campfire Media, which over ten years, developed over 50 shows, including Mouth Feelings starring Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, Lizard People with comedian Katelyn Hempstead, This Is Who We Are from musician Sean Watkins, and The Parrothead Podcast.

Photo of Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald is host, writer and actor originally from Mansfield, Texas, and a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, MA. Along with Ryan Middledorf, Patrick was co-host of the "Parrothead Podcast" since 2015, and has been a Friday night host on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville since 2021. A longtime comedian and improviser, Patrick has been performing comedy at the UCB Theater in LA since 2014. In 2022, Patrick was the Creative Director of SMOSH, a legacy YouTube Channel with 25 million subscribers. Acting credits: Justice League: The Snyder Cut, Army of the Dead, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Patrick is the creator of "The Coronda Chronicles," a popular mid-quarantine Instagram sitcom following the adventures of Patrick and a mannequin he was quarantining with, which was profiled in "Arts + Leisure." His favorite vacation of all-time was a trip to the Canary Islands where him and his friends got pickpocketed on the beach but still ended up spinning it into the trip of a lifetime.